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   We provide a Microsoft 2012 R2 Enterprise Server on hot standby with all your programs and data installed.

   In the case of disaster, your business continues with no interruption; you use our server instead of your on-site system.

   If you must re-locate, any PC, tablet, or smart phone can be used to access the server from any internet connection.

   Do you need this service?  How long would it take to re-construct your in-house file server? What would it cost?


HotServer A duplicate of your in-house system with the data kept updated. Ready to use. Can replace your hardware.

WarmServer A duplicate of your in-house system in sleep mode with the data kept updated. Ready to go upon activation.

ColdServer A duplicate of your in-house system in sleep mode. with no data. Ready to go upon activation and update from your data backup.

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   Your IT guy still maintains your programs, database, and system configuration. Have him check it out.

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